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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 12, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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. this is kpix 5 news. >> one win away from another trip to the super bowl, but no love for 49er fans in seattle. why they might be locked out of next week's final playoff game. an arsonist sets a south bay neighborhood on edge. what people are doing to protect themselves. and from bright to boom, how the housing crunch is creating possibilities for abandoned gas gas stations. i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm ann notarangelo. 49ers are about to touch down at san jose's airport. this is the scene at the private charter jet terminal where the 49 49 plane should be pulling up any minute.
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brian webb is just down the road and fans are lined up there waiting for the team's victorious return. >> reporter: we're awaiting the team's arrival here. check it out in the parking lot, a couple dozen of their favorite fans. good looking group, huh. they have been waiting here probably about an hour. you know what happens when the team arrives, they come past the fence, all the way down the parking lot down here behind the fence, and that's when they pick up their cars. when they leave the gate right here that's the best chance the fans have to get up close and personal with their favorite players. so the moral, the extended family, adults and still decked out in their 49er gear from head to toe, hoping to catch a glimpse of the players or chat with them. they already have several of the players autographs transferred to tattoos on his arm. coach harbaugh, just to name a
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few. 10 total. he walks the walk and when he talks, he says the 49ers are going to go all the way past seattle to the super bowl. >> just to cheer them on and con late them -- congratulate them. >> i think we're going to take it. everybody's healthy. >> reporter: the whole way? >> i think we're going to go all the way. 100 percent. >> reporter: so the fans are waiting and we're hoping this is going to happen any moment. the team lands at monttaa airport. and they come here to pick up their cars. that's what the fans are waiting for. live in santa clara, with a bunch of happy fans. how did the 49ers manage an impressive win on a foreign field. we have dennis o'donnell to the right with the highlights. >> show the fans my autograph of ann notarangelo. >> that last name just goes up the arm.
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>> you're right about them being a road team. secretly the 49ers have become the best road team in the nfl. the best two teams will meet for the right to go to the super bowl. things got really emotional between the 49ers and the panthers early. two carolina penalties that l.e.d. to 6 points from the 49ers. here's colin kaepernick and the cam newton celebration, on his field, then he throws to kaepernick. they sacked the panthers quarterback a total of 5 times. a shut out in the second half and for the third straight season, 49ers going to the nfc championship. they beat the panthers 23-10. what adjustments did you make in the second half to be so effective against cam newton who was no joking at first. >> the game was unscouted looks. they had two weeks to prepare. when teams have a bye week, they usually have a game plan for one team, and the other
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team will do a couple days. they have new things we hadn't seen on film. and we came in the locker room and understood what they were doing and then they went to back to basic stuff, and we were able to pitch a shut out in the second half. >> the 49ers go to seattle for the nfc championship game. doming up at the -- coming up at the bottom half of the hour, another game day education, we'll give you a half hour of everything you need. >> i don't know who's going to win, but i can tell you this, it's not going to be at green bay with regard to the weather. >> and nobody appreciates that more than us. the next stop is century link field in seattle. the loudest stadium in the nfl. the fan zone has the 12th man has set two guinness records for noise. there are 49ers fans who are ready to wade into a new territory. we have some of the 49er faithful who plan on making the trip to watch them take on
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their biggest rival. >> reporter: and despite the restriction on the ticket sales to california residents, i found two 49ers fans who will be flying to seattle for the nfc championship game. here's the trick, you have to have cash, and good friends in the seattle area. these two cousins say they will be the the loud century link fold come sunday to cheer on their beloved 49ers. friends in seattle are buying the ticket for them. >> it's important to show our support, show how loud we can be as well. >> reporter: they're trying to recruit friends to join them. >> easily a thousand dollars. tickets are around 400, a plane tickets and hotel, it's worth it. >> reporter: for fans who don't have family members or friends in the pacific northwest, the only way to get the tickets is through the secondary market. seattle is restricting sales to california to protect the team's 12th man advantage. some 9er fans call the ban
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classless. >> i don't think it should be allowed. whatever advantage they could do, they would. >> not upset at all. it's what we would do over here, but we would show more grace. >> reporter: web sites are now selling the tickets, prices range from a few hundred bucks to $65,000. these two die hards say it's worth it. now, those two cousins will be flying up to seattle on saturday. that restriction is also very common. other teams have done it, especially during the playoffs. live in san francisco, i'm da lin. kpix 5. let's go out live to san jose international airport where the 49ers team buses have just arrived at the airport. we're waiting for the plane to arrive with the team. of course they just defeated the carolina panthers, in north carolina, and now they have one week to get ready for the seattle sea hawks. they'll be heading into as we
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said, the loudest said yum the in the nfl. as soon as the 9ers hit land, and they are on those buses, we'll take you back there live. hopefully we can get a glimpse. there is more about playoff tickets tickets tickets and preadditions and fan pictures -- predictions and fan pictures at webb westbound. two more sus -- two more suspicious fires, more than a dozen since wednesday in the early morning hours and within a 2-mile radius. don knapp talked to neighbors taking things into their own hands before things get worse. >> reporter: san jose residents joined in a door to door neighborhood campaign to catch a wanted arsonist. it's believed the arsonist may have struck a dozen times. >> have you heard about the arsonist. >> no. >> there's an arsonist hitting the neighborhoods in downtown. >> reporter: the latest, a
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modular classroom behind a church on 26th and east san antonio. the second of two early morning fires. but saturday's fire is the most serious so far. two elderly residents were asleep when flames roared through their house. >> this was 40 minutes before the fire was set. >> reporter: a security camera on the home of erik cupper shows a man walking past the camera four times between 3:11 and 4:02:00 a.m. the fire broke out at 4:23:00 a.m. >> knowing that he's picking at random homes and burning them, and mine could easily have been the one that he burnt down. >> reporter: the video is one of several used by arson investigators to complete a sketch and profile of a person of interest. white or hispanic male, 6-2, 160 to 180 pounds, slender, dark hair, large framed glasses. >> we know it's serious. western the arsonist will continue to do this until he's caught. we want to make sure the police
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get him sooner rather than later. >> reporter: the fire department is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the arsonist. in san jose, don knapp kpix 5. checking other bay area headlines, it's -- it took contra costa firefighters 20 minutes to knock out this fire in antioch. the smoke is shooting through the roof. the people who live there say they have 50 years of memories until the home. they were able to rescue the pet, and no one was hurt. investigators will be back at the scene of a deadly house fire in palo alto. two people inside the home died when it caught fire friday night. firefighters say the structure is too unstable to enter. it appears to have started in the kitchen but the cause is still unknown. and the family of a 23-year- old santa rosa man who died from the swine flu is angry of what they say was a missed diagnosis. the family says matthew walker
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was sent home from kaiser permanente hospital in santa rosa after doctors concluded he was suffering from pneumonia. he died wednesday, 13 days after first going to the hospital. kizer says it can't comment because of patient confidentiality. the skyrocketing number of drunk and disorderly passengers and what flight crews want done about it. keeping germs off the menu, why some restaurants say a new state law could backfire on customers. unbelievable, yeah. over bids on everything. >> extreme desperation leads to treatment measures for bay area housing, why toxic waste sights aren't off the take. and we're getting a little desperate in the weather department, too. we'll see if the week ahead holds anything wet when we come back. ,,,,,,
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i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. rittenhouse square. went out onto the a balcony collapse has left a man dead and two women injured in the written house square. a group went onto the 4th 4th floor fire escape, to smoke. they fell 35 feet. the building is more than a hundred years old, and was converted to apartments back in the 1940s. investigators say there's no reports of structural violations. oh, no, look at that. >> can you believe that, these condos were under construction in north carolina. they didn't stand a chance against fierce winds over the
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weekend. raleigh was wind blown for a good part of the afternoon. gusts reported as high as 85 miles per hour. thousands were left without power. recent headlines make the findings a small surprise but a recent study finds more americans are getting more innobodyuated on flights. the number increased 12 fold between 2007 and 2011 from about 500 to more than 6000. june, a group of high school students was dicked off the flight for -- kicked off a flight for refusing to turn off cell phones. and the international air transport association union says this is just a small sample and wants new rules that would absolve them of having to police the skies. a new state law is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of restaurant owners. food workers will be required to wear gloves in kitchen. some dispute whether it will improve food safety.
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>> i think it's a little extreme. >> reporter: the days of someone preparing your food without gloves on are about to be a thing of the past in california. the governor signed a new law that went into effect january 1 january 1st, that says restaurant employees will no longer be allowed to touch ready to eat food with their bear hands. jordan bernstein represents several chefs and says the new law won't be enforced for six months, but there are several concerns. >> no sushi chef is sitting there with gloves making your spicy tuna roll. >> some restaurants are using gloves for prepping meet and squeezing juices but not for everything. >> this particular legislation is ill informed. >> reporter: alex is a restaurant owner and a said gloves could be dangerous. >> the constant wearing of gloves can promote cross contamination and creates moisture and heat in your
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hands, which can grow bacteria. >> reporter: there are some supporters of the law. >> i think it's good. i'm a food truck owner myself. i can see how it's more sanitary. >> reporter: at least one food safety consultant is applauding the new gloves law. mary fitzgerald told the la times it raises the bar for prevents food born illness. 4th of july fireworks are following lake tahoe to the tune of $75 million. that's how much the lake tahoe visitors authority could be fined for violating the clean water act. a federal lawsuit accuses the ltva with polluting the lake with fireworks debro over the past five years. the people suing say they don't want the displays to end but they're trying to draw attention to the problem. the ltva has until mid-february to respond. they say real estate is about location, but even a great location is a little less appealing if it comes with old underground storage tanks and
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possibly contaminated soil. ken bastida shows us how the hot bay area housing market can turn a mess into a fortune. >> reporter: the at 20th and valencia, another condo project is rising from the dirt. one more example of a real estate market that defies description. >> unbelievable. yeah. over bids on everything, and less and less inventory. >> reporter: only this particular site tells a story that started back in 1998 when a gallon of regular unleaded cost less than a buck 50. that's when federal law required gasoline stations to replace old underground storage tank with modern corrosion resistant models. a move that put a lot f of mom and pop stations out of business. >> the oil companies can absorb it. we can't. >> reporter: from there, a mix of economics and environmental laws turned many san francisco gas stations into deserted eyesores. just look at the mess sitting
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right across the street from an operating gas station on south bend s. the cost and bureaucracy involved kept them down for years. now that has changed. >> with the up tick of the market, and more development, and the ease of getting through the city, more people are picking up gas stations or other sights that have been underutilized or abandoned. >> reporter: realtor tim brown is turning a handful of old gas stations into condo developments. he says this is about more than just a hot market. and he points to a city that is determined to grow. >> it's several areas to stop the market in the mission have been up zoned so the density of hiring people to build more than they could have three or four years ago. >> reporter: that added reward has the city scrambling to sign off on clean up jobs, like the one you see at valencia and 23 23rd. >> we require that that site be
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cleaned up to residential standards. >> reporter: the city is even working overtime to keep up with demand and cases that i have been working on, maybe 3 to 5 years ago, nothing happened on them. suddenly they're being revived. >> reporter: so if your neighborhood has an abandoned gas station that seems like it's been there forever, don't be surprised if it suddenly goes from eyesore to science project to construction site. and ultimately, ends up looking something like this. >> four more gas stations will be eliminated, more and more warehouses, it's not just the gas stations, it's any industrial use or underutilized site. >> reporter: in san francisco, ken bastida kpix 5. while the city has streamlined the process of cleaning up something like an old gas station. it's still a rigorous job. every square foot of soil has to be inventoried, tested for contamination and disposed of off site. a fairly strong earthquake in aen area that feels a lot of
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shaking. the mag tuesday 4.5 -- magnitude 4.5 struck in geyser county. no reports of damage. and a high surf advisory for bay area beeches and the national weather service forecasted a large swell of 17 feet along the marin and sonoma counties. beachgoers were advised to be cautious, especially climbing along rocks in the shoreline. let's continue this ocean to graphic theme and bring to land with testimonies in the bay area, mostly clear skies. we have numbers in the 50s for the most part. concord cooler at 47 degrees, and good deal to cover that system that came through yesterday and did no more than a tenth of an inch of rain up in the north bay is pressed out toward the rockies for us tomorrow. we'll get a few clouds along the shoreline and see low clouds and a mostly sunny day. and temperatures warming up to 10 degrees above average. that is actually above average for seattle. and how, this time of year, the usually overcast and raining and just a 30% shower chance
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for the game when the 49ers take on the sea hawks next sunday. and for us we're going to be looking at santa anna winds down south and record warmth, as high pressure builds in, a dry direction, chapped hands weather. they've got fire concerns down south, and red flag warnings posted for us. plenty of sun this week. near record highs return. no showers in sight. tomorrow looks good with plenty of sunshine around. we could use the rain. not going to get any anytime soon. we will get cool temperatures overnight, 33 at napa. 37 at livermore. as for the highs, we are still 10 degrees above average for the forecast for tomorrow. livermore, 66. 10 degrees higher than the average for this time of year. mountain view as well. nice and warm. 65 degrees. san jose at 65. morgan hill up to 67. at the east bay, we'll look at numbers in the mid-60s as well. 6 at napa and 66 degrees out at
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livermore. marin and sonoma, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. more sun tomorrow than we had today, and 64 in san rafael. and heading toward clear lake, numbers there will be in the mid-60s for the most part. 67 in ukiah. scattered forecast, the lot of sun in the week ahead. temperatures are going to warm all the way into the upper 60s inland. and then when we get toward next weekend, we'll begin to pick up a few clouds and cool it off a little bit. we'll pick up clouds, but not going to pick up rain. all week, numbers in the bay, will be around the mid-60s and overnight lows in the mid-30s to mid-40s. in terms of rain, none as far as the eye can e see. google glass getting a new technology test. how one doctor is using it in surgery. and a skater gets her shot, the dramatic outcome in a u.s. figure skating championships. and a live look at san jose international airport, the 49ers have touched down in their private charter jet. they'll be heading to the santa
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clara headquarters, where their happy fans await their triumphant return. we'll be right back.
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installation of the orbital sciences space station complete"2:00 . fresh supplies tonight for the international space station. >> and with that, at 7:05:00 a.m. central time, we will call the insulation of the science signal to the international space station complete. >> an unmanned car go ship docked bringing thousands of pounds of equipment, science experiments and repair parts as well as christmas gifts for the crew. this delivery was made by one
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of the two companies nasa has hired to make space runs. space shuttles were used until 2011. here's something you might not expect a doctor using google glass in the operating room. an orthopedic surgeon used one for a foot and ankle surgeon today. it was broadcast live over the internet. it allows him to look the a an x-ray or mri without taking his eyes off the patient and they can community with a patients family and friends during surgery. spiderman fans take heart, peter parker is coming back in his own skin. parker's body was inhibited by the villain dr. octopus. with that the amazing spiderman ended with issue 700 and was replaced with a new series. now he's coming back as a kind of rip van winkel super hero. i know that we'll be back after a break. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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you name it...i've hooked it. but there's one... one that's always eluded me. thought i had it in the blizzard of '93. ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me. [ engine revs ] what?! quattro!!!!! ♪ we're going to go back out live to san jose, mineta international airport and see those guys boarding the buses as they got off their flight from north carolina just moments ago. they're heading to the headquarters in santa clara where their fans await them. we of course will keep an eye on it. dennis o'donnell is coming up with the 5th quarter so we'll have much more of this. an indiana mother is having a much tougher time keeping up
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with her boys. zeb and zach are both 8-year- old amputees. both were giving the gift of blade runner prosthetics. it was mom who appealed to the manufacturers to help the boys. >> he wanted to run. he loves soccer and he's amazing at playing soccer and he couldn't. he couldn't keep up. >> it was actually fun running, with people giving me high five. >> the boys were adopted along with their sister from china. they have already run a 5k marathon and say they have dreams of going to the olympics. >> speaking of the olympics, san jose has always been a hot spot for olympic figure skaters, another native is headed to the winter games next month in sosa russia. 15-year-old poll lena finished 2 2nd. she's one of three figure skaters from the u.s. that made the cut. >> good for her. >> more sports coming up in a minute after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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downtown seattle where the s are headed for the nfc championship i what could you possibly have in the playoffs without being at home -- >> solve the world's problems. just talking about a football game. i pressed install and hopefully that will take care of me. >> happier than a pig in flaps. >> you're looking at downtown seattle where the 49ers are headed for the n.f.c. championship game next sunday. if you live in california, good luck getting tickets because the seahawks will not sell any seats to people who live in california. good evening everybody. i'm dip iso'donnell. the 49ers are still waiting for them to touch down in the south bay, we have cameras rating for san francisco'


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